Monday, April 2, 2007

Black Ice's "The Ugly Show"


Shihan's "Sick and tired"

there isnt only one type of black beauty

Def Jam Poetry - Shihan

theres not only one type of black beauty
sick of people bragging about the ghetto

Shihan - Father's Day - With HBO's Def Poetry Jam

Daddy, do you still love me?

Sarah Kay - Hands - With HBO's Def Poetry Jam

this is about love- about bonds. It hit me, i felt it... because i once had that bond

Mush - Next Wednesday - With HBO's Def Poetry Jam

OMG! i cried. I have so many friends i feel this way for! when will they the cascade of wrong choices in their lives?! when will i stop the ones in mine?
this piece spoke to me. it came just in time

Rives - Dirty Talk - With HBO' s Def Poetry Jam

LMFAO!!! this is why i been looking forward to the day i do a poet! this man read my mind!
lol@ "that doesent make you dirty baby! that MAKES ME dirty baby!"

Funny True piece. You learn a thing or two without realising it

lmao if i ran the web, you could email dead people "hey, its me. i miss you"...

sunni patterson

we've been here before...

Sunni Patterson - We Made It

Emergence See - Daniel Beaty @ the Apollo