Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As I mourn.

There is a prelude to this,
and a prelude to that phase too
and I'm wondering where I am this time
If not somewhere I'd already been.

I dont get it. It doesnt make sense to me. Love ISNT till its reciprocated... aint no one way to it, unless it isnt.
I dont get it.

Here, bleeding tears, wondering just how much longer I'll mourn.
Hell, count it down to the seconds, time me! and I have cried longer than I was with you. If I ever was...

and damn I say it, deeper, than you've loved me.

And that is the part that hurts, that at this moment, you sleep.
You mothafucker.
You. Sleep.

You fucking sleep.

And I mourn.

I curse the day I met you. I wish I hadnt.

I wish...
You were what I wanted you to be. As much as I know, you cant ever be, I fucking want it!

Yet, shes there, sleeping... and am here wondering... when really, it doesnt matter,does it?

You are obviously,
in love.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Remind me

I havent been posting, because theres been so many changes in my life recently...and so many of it, am not happy with and so many of it, I'd rather not remember...

But then I went back to my old posts and remembered just how much I like to write, so I thought why not write again...

I just got in from work...its my first job in 3months and my first day of work.
I had a good time.

What else do I write?... lol
I think that is about it...I have an exam on Monday that I have NOT studied for...and today is Sunday lol... Old habits are hard to break...

peace, love and oreocookies.