Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Caribana week just ended :(

Now what am i going to do witht he rest of my summer?

Last thursday, i went to ing and Queens - didnt even stay to find out who won
Friday, went to j'ouvert- the official best party of my summer- water everywhere and then some! why was it still going on when we were leaving at 6am?! was so tired on our way home that me and ma girl had to park at a gas stationt o have a snooze which ended up taking us 2 hours! then i realised i had to run to mas camp to get ma costume!
Saturday- played mas with Toronto Revellers- Debbie Minott's section called Ipadaboologbon aka "The return of the wisdom keepers"
Saturday night- went to Carnival-in-yuh-backyard where some heiffer thiefed ma phone!!!
Sunday- slept, slept, slept. tried to get tickets to Firefete but it was sold out :( ... went to get a new phone instead.

then went to hamilton's carnival yesterday.

THe best caribana ever!

now, whats good for the rest of the summer?