Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sex tori...

lmao... stole this tag from Jolene, ma fav blogger...

1.) How old were you the first time?

16yo. Exactly one month before my 17th birthday. i was in a rush, wanted to get it over with ASAP! i was horny as fuk!

2.) Name of your first?
I named "it" "broke-ass-nigga" and everyone who knew me back then, knew him as thesame. he was broke, he was an ass and yes, he was a nigger- a sorry excuse for a black man

3.) Good or Bad?
I really dont even know. it wasnt painful. i didnt know i had lost it. He looked at me and said "you know what? you're not a virgin anymore"... YA, thats how good it was ... so good that i didnt even notice... it was 3:34pm in the afternoon

4.) Name of the worst and why?

The worst was this one guy who had a 4-inch-pencil, and no, i'm not exagerating. he was skinnier than Nicole Richie's wrist, and shorter than my middle finger. He was small. he jammed it in so fast, and made sure i didnt see it first. i actually had to tell Mista WorstFuk "here lemme help u", in an attempt to help him insert it,... before i realised it was actually in... i'm embarrassed but what can i say? the guy before him had the biggest manhood i have ever had, so ma kittykat had gotten use to big hoods... and the worst part of it all, this bitch of a nigger was cheating on me (so i hear)... yes o, him and his 4 inch stick was sexin someone else (eww). this man remains ma one regreat in life!

5.) Name of the best and why?

Love'amalife... he does anything, down for whateva, anything to please me and make me reach dat climax... absolutely anything! always so cotdem horny! Scorpios are fukin sexinglyhorny!

6.) Weirdest place you ever had sex?

In a shower, in a car, in a car (in a park), in a hotel... come to think of it, i've never really had sex in weird places, but i bet u anything, that'll change soon

7.) Favorite Position:

Spoon with ma right leg up, with ma fav sex mate cuppin ma full twins unless i'm really feeling energetic, then doggy-style all the way!

8.) Ever fake an orgasm?

yes, and i'm ashamed. but yes i did, with mr. Worst-fuk-skinny-4-inch. i didnt wanna hurt his feelings... now, i wouldnt mind yelling to him "u fukin suck, get the fuk off'a me!" at the top of ma lungs

9.) Would you admit it if the person asked?

yes, especially now. i definitely would! marrafakt, i feel like callin the beesh right na, just to let him kno how little he is

10.) Favorite time of day to have sex?

right before i fall asleep. its the best sedative, the natural drug for insomnia. Nothing like fuckin, and drifting to sleep with ur man's hood pressing on ur butt... while u 2 are under the covers, sharing each other's warmth... drifting to sleep

11.) Most times you have had sex in one day?

4 or 5. or 6... really dont remember... most times, its just twice... the shorter amazing one (for him) , and the longer fantastic one... (for me)

12.) Same person?

Always. i dont do multiple partners...

13.) Ever fantasize about someone other than the one you’re with?

oh ya! all the times, not ppl i know, just porno stars. sometimes females... and no, i'm neither bi nor lesbian, i'm very straight, but yes, i think females sexin each other is sexy... i guess i think like a man

14.) Restrictions during sex?

i suck at sucking... oral sex isnt exactly my specialty. willing to learn though... once i get comfy with the idea of cum in ma mouth (hold'up while i go puke)

15.) Accessories?

oh hell the fuk yeahhhh!

16.) What?

I'm the queeen of accessories... handcuffs, whips, scarves, blindfolds, ice, foods, butt beads, vibrators, dildos, erotic books and G spot stimulators! i love them! it helps to stay focused and since i'm lacking in the attention span department...

17.) Done it in the rain?

No but i want to , but in naija only! the "abroad" rain sucks, too damn cold!

18.) Done it in a car?

Too many dan times! back in the days,niggz didnt have places, and this nubian goddess didnt neither, so we hit it up in the car a few times...
actually, i'd do it again...

19.) Had a Threesome?

Nope, and i wouldnt. the thought of another female sexin ma man kills me. And the thought of me sexin another man in ma king's presence is just too shameful. i think sex should be kept pure between 2 (NOT 3!!!) ppl!

20.) Want to have sex now?

i've been horny for a few hours now... too bad i'm pissed at mista "Lovamalaif"... doesnt help that i'm pissed neither cuz anger itself na anoda afrodisiak

Screwdriver (does anyone know this artist's name?)

"...A word mixer, makes a helluva screwdriver, so i can unscrew ur mind like intercourse in reverse... ma thoughts hit hard like nipples on freezing cold folks...les president, a fool..."

Happy Black History Month

I invite you, to reflect. not only on this day... but everyday of our lives...

Duality Duel by Daniel Beaty

this man is ...
i mean,.. he is jes..
i love his words!

What Spoken words mean to me

the power u hold
for a moment, u control their mind
you reel them into ur scene,
subject them to ur pain
enforce ur feelings into their brains
and make them empathize
step right in
make the shoes fit
make them feel it

make them feel u

Spoken words means...
to me...
the power to get them to listen
the ability to make them wonder
till they undertsand
not necessarily what u have just recited
but what it means to them,

spoken words mean to me
positivity in lyrics
negativity in words
it dont even matter what u spit
sometimes the rythm is just enough
to make u feel me

spoken words to me
is my escape
when i feel
i think
when i think
i write
when i write
i recite
and when u hear me
u feel it
u feel me
u feel what i feel
even sex cant compare
to the ejaculation i get
when i recite ma words
in those words,
i make love to maself
all over
and over
and over
if ma man knew a thing about me
he'd speak words to me
and never ever would he need
the likes of KY jelly
for inside of these words i type
is the very hormone i need
to make me weter than a thousand seas

Heiffers, pls apply within...

Ok, so i know i'm a few weeks late to start this but like the bibeli says "let whoever hath not sinned, cast the first stone" ...
ok, so here i go with the first post of ma "Prayaz for the heifferz Tuesday"

This here is for you.

ok, now i cant even figure out who de ass to pray for!
ok, guess we hafta postpone this...
in the meantime, to all the ppl who know me, who would like to get into ma heiffers list so i can get ma first PFTH post dedicated to them, pls piss me off soon... thanks

Monday, February 26, 2007

Integrity vs Despair

Never have you dialed ma number
to notify me that you have arrived
but 2 days ago
i felt special
and knew u bore guilt
and ur conscience musta pushed you
cuz u picked up a phone
and called me
to notify me
that you were back.

I dont mind
and yes,
i did feel special
but wondered what it'd'a been like
if i had continued to take ur crap

Or maybe
just maybe
when you hit that milestone
Integrity vs. Despair
as Ericson would call it,
hits you
and you begin to wonder
if your life has been fufilling
or if you have just accumulated
a whole lifetime of ... shit, crap and more bull
so tell me ...
How does it feel to be in despair?

Why exactly did you call me?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Anger, an evidence that we are slaves to yesterday

"Black people are tempramental"

do you wonder why?
a black female slave has a baby,
a lil black nigger
as cute as a toad
with a flat wide nose
forsaken for the melanin
in his skin
not compared to chocolate
but treated as mud
this he-mud-nigger
grows to know
he cant exactly play with miss Lauren
cuz Lauren looks like snow
and although he is twice her age
he MUST call her "m'am", and do as she says
and when he asked why
he was tol'd
"because u only a nucca"

so this man grows
to feel low as low
to work twice as hard
and earn only enough
to remian alive
just enough strength
to slave off the next day
this black man grows
to wonder why
if God had a choice
why he picked Him to be a nigga
why couldnt he have a life of assurance
a life that is destined for fufilling promises
a life that is precious and preserved
a life where he wouldnt have to fight
and strugle
and stumble
every single motha fokin day!

a life where he could be white
and look just like snow
with brunette soft curls
and maybe even golden straight hair
with the thinnest pink lips
a perfect pair of blue eyes
and the sharpest pointy nose
why he oculdnt be a white man
and own slaves
so he could be waited on
hand and foot
and he could sell other frogy niggaz
and make him some profit.

"Why are we so temperamental?"
because we are angry
and anger itself, has become our culture
because when that black female nigger
told her froggy fat-lipped son
that he couldnt play with white kids
she hated herself for it
she felt guilt
knowing that she brought into this world
yet, another black man
to serve in the fields
or maybe if lucky,
serve in the home
of yet!
another white man.

anger has become our culture.
it is now "black" to speak up
because we have had to learn
and adjust
to the life that was bestowed upon us
so that anger
becomes the lesson that is taught
by the forefathers
to the young
and now its managed
to merge itself into us!
incorporate its genetic codes
into our DNA!
so that now
we are the generation
of the black people
who are no more slaves to the white man
in most ways, we have managed to strip him
of his power
we now have freedom from the white monster
but we remain slaves nonetheless,
slaves! REGARDLESS! motha fuckin slavessss still!
to our own past.
to our history.
to years ago.
and yesterday.
and i too, portray this as i ask you
"what were we; my people... before slavery?"

Dedicated to Malcolm Little (X) (May 19, 1925- Feb. 21, 1965),
RIP mista... you remain ma hero

Friday, February 23, 2007

To ma girl of all time, Araminta.

I wonder how you did it
a nubian goddess like you
though i bet you didnt know it back then
yet i must ask you;
Araminta, how did you do it?
Crawlin in the thicks of the nights
with men, children and wives alike
knowing it just might be your last
yet risking it
for the sake
of us

I thank you for your courage
and appreciate the love you spread

RIP ma ma heroin
To ma girl of all time;
Araminta AKA Harriet Tubman
June 14 1820- March 10 1913

You too have failed

I was wondering about you
so i asked
apparently, you are fine

As i thought of my dream unachieved,
i thought of the look of disappointment
on your face

I've seen that look

and i swear to God
if and when i tell you
i better not see that look
because only God knows
you aint exactly a saint neither
and you too have failed before
forget before
you too, have failed
yet again
In making me believe
that you are always right

another year?

I am disappointed and broken
but not destroyed
regardless what
i am proud of me.
another year?
whoever knows what i'm talking about
probably knows me
whoever knows me
probably knows how devastating it is
for me to accept
another year
But because dreams
arent goals
till you believe
and goals
arent worth none
till achieved
i keep trying
because i know
that i have to.

for yet, another year.

there goes my mini dream
how about a fit?

This moment,

I really dont wanna jinx it
But i do need an entry
that'll remind me
of now

Thank you babes,
for trying
at the moment
you are in the kichen
doing something
that you'd never do
doing something
for me

At the moment
you are in my haven
fixing up the mess
that the tornado caused
yes the tornado,
me and you.

"did i fold it right?"
"yes, but here", as i folded it better for you

My bed is made just right
in your eyes

its not the faults in it
that i care for
its the reasons in your actions
that shows me
you care enough
to change
and for that,
i blog.