Monday, June 4, 2007

Subjective reasoning for life!

I must say, i have been through quite a lot.
i mean; a lot!
but then i'm sure so has everyone.
we tread through sticky muds
lots of quicksands,over hills and have multiple stumbles to reach greener pastures.
but as we stumble, we find that hills arent hills, but merely stepping stones...

One flew over the cookoo's nest and apparently,
right over yours too.
somehow, you managed yet again to miss the breadcrumbs
and i dont have the luxury of time, patience, nor energy
to translate anything to you.

i'd say you're slow.
but this ain about intelligence.
this is about you, being you.
i mean,
it must have been real hard even for you, to manipulate twisted meanings out such simple lyrics.
somehow, you managed to exert that out of this???
you needed some wind under your wings did ya?
no qualms... i understand your need.
desperate for actuals, you some-funky-how, squeezed hopefuls out of breeze.
desperation is a bitch.

but honestly, i am glad.
if this is what'll evoke thoughts that'll motivate change,
let it be that...
because i know how much that is needed.

every movie needs a hero
but ain no hero without a villain
its your story,
you may be the hero.
again, i understand.

almost like a necessity,
you need a stepping stone.
sure! let ma words be it.
pluck littile memory leaves to remind you of just how deeply you were touched.

if it'll influence positive changes,
see what you see, as you see it
because i doubt i care what you think of me
you may however
marinate your mind in your ignorance
assimilate every ounce of it
reflect till you're motivated!
if it helps, hey!
again, i understand
that life ain worth none,without objective forces
and overcoming those, is what we live for.
you need a reason to go on.

i know ignorance is bliss...
but it gives faux visions.
just all illusions.
when will you ever be true to yourself?

if you cant see it now,
Denial, will you ever?

you once motivated me.
i'm glad to return the favor.
you're welcome.
sure, you may thank me later.

(OH MA GOD! i think this is my first "praya for a heiffer post" that i wouldnt swear in! i'm soooooo gettin better! yayyyyy)