Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love n Bees

I beg you, please! do not love me. Your 143s make me nervous because I know your sugar aint free, pleaseeee do not love me. This sticky type love that snuffs me, denies me of space this type that attempts to demote me to a suckle-stance this love that you so demand that i must appreciate, that i must accept, that i must want, this passive-aggressive type love that is governed by laws that i know is glorified hatred, this gangsta “you either with me or you with them so you better be pickin a side” type love this strictly conditional depends on the day, the time, the way, the how, the fucking weather, or maybe even the color of font you got tonite type love that requests that i be dumb type love, love that wants me to succumb to wreck...this sugar-sweet though i'm diabetic type love that you insist is my realest love, who gave you the damn right to tell me what love i will or will not ever know? Since when did God die, since when did you board that throne? I sure as heavens didn’t get that memo!
This "oh you off to the mall?, but wait... we should go together" - type love! the type that suggests we rock matching color-gears -type love THIS shit type love that attemps to suffocate what makes me, that attempts to block all light rays away from me this type love this "i thought i almost saw the rainbow there for a minute till you arrived at ma door for the hundrendth mothafucking time"-type love! LOVE... that places my wallet on a pedestal, praises my ignorance and blesses my pride, this love! Love? is it? oh, i know it... this "love" that requires that hands MUST be locked once the doors ajar, eyes MUST stay locked since we being watched type love love that demands rehearsals looking like two pathetic losers love like sugar type love.... i know this love, i felt this love, i once thought i had no other choice but this love... couldnt reveal the true cards to the world... Never believe what you hear till you see it, never believe what you see till you're it. Couldnt get no one to see it then but i'm good now, shame wouldnt let me tell the truth of this ...love, you call it? yeah...The love that admires my blindness, belittles me till i am hardly worth more than a damn material! I'll tell you now, i aint ma hair! Do you not ever wonder what it took to achieve this? Really,... do you?
I sometimes wonder…why, why, why oh why? i mean...why is it, so hard to catch a bee when we brewed from the same tree? Gimme honey, anyday. Your sugar is artificial. Gimme honey made by the busiest bees! Bzzzzz.... nice to meet you. Honey annointed by their buzzes lust after by men GIVE ME IT! Blind men seek it, but never will they find cuz you cant catch a comb till you open your eyes! gimme that honey that purifies even the dullest minds gimme that! that shit that strengthens your neck, erects your musles, keep your head standing tall, make you resonate the king in you. Gimme honey of eden, honey in the most brilliant words give me please! Bee sting till i cant be healed, let me ingest its every drop! Honey today honey the next honey to soothe ma greatest thirst… honey of ma lands honey of the milkiest trees off the coasts of Trinidad. Mix it in ma cocoa in the morn and ma cocoa in the eve, serve me till the combs run dry...Cest moi, Mademoiselle Hibiscus,...hold it to the tip'f ma tongue, hold me in the highest height of climax. gimme that juice till i cant wait to cum! gimme honey allday, everyday...as far as i'm concerned, your sugar is artificial.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

You drive me crazy

Omo make you slow your temper
Bobo make you UP your game

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The lord may not come when you call, but he is always on time.

The art of basketball

PhD in Him

Have you visited?

Ice cream cone

matter-fact ben and that faggot-ass jerry lol

oh my goodness!

"and i aint telling you who made them since you like to bite off everythang i got!"

oh wow

Same cell

and i thought i was troubled!


i'm an emotional bitch so get away from me! i mean... marry me!

I got me a Poetri itch!

Prepare for ma wrath baby, prepare for ma wrath!

I miss you Money!

had to stick ma head outda hole for this one

We, are men!