Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Happiness... if only you knew.
Frowning, wondering when the bills will be paid; Bitching cursing in his name; Angry fucking up dem lungs... bitch is you out your mind?
If you ain happy with a good dick owned by a great mind and a big ol' pride to boot, what de ass will you ever be happy with?
I done seen lots'a losers. Who cry really for nothing. And when you ask them what the issue is, they simply cant speak. They do not know what troubles them, but they know they shed tears.
How do i console you when i know you're just being an idiot.
Negro, dont you know they've got billions of ppl who couldnt feed themselves last night? Half of them couldnt lay next to their love unless they okay with packing a mat to take down a sea because out of poiverty, men women and kids who they once called family lay in tha bottom of the sea. that shit we call seas are full of graves... you dont know shit, yet you cry.
Down by those same seas fishers fish but shit they not even well enough to know that they fishing the same fishes who once had feasts off'a dead bodies or they simply dont give a fuck because serious-the-fuckin-ly, would you care if your child needed the dime to heal? and i say "dime" because relly thats all they'd make.
what you say, Negro? You dont have no car?
Oh i'm sorry. how de ass you gon get to work na?
no car, no work.
some people would never dream of a moving vehicle. All they wish for was one that dont ever have to move but to sit there so they'd at least have a roof.
you ignorant ninny! getcho ass up! wipe away dem damn tears you think i wanna hear you yowl?
My pomeranian sweats baby, but i'd never know when.Just cause shes got furs dont mean she dont sweat.
I've got issues too but this aint about issues...
this is about happiness. This is about content. This is about appreciating the better things in your life.
Happiness dont depend on your circumstances. But your outlook. So look tha fuck out dem goggles you got! You egocentric mooncalf, life aint all about you. Some ppl got it worse, and they still living! They ain thinkin bout killing themselves! and by the way; do you know what happens if you jumped a bridge?
you might be lucky enough to actually die from it. If you do, shit, ppl will mourn. Then, they'll get over you and go on with life like you never existed. Yes, another woman will fuck your dick and he'll love it, another man will screw your pussy and she'll groan him. Another man will father your child, another woman will mother your baby. You'll be gone and i hate to remind you this but life will still go on!
AND you might be unlucky enough to survive the fall but i know you wont survive it intact. You might end up being brain dead and living the rest of your life as a carrot- a celery- a mere vegetable, living off of life support but unable to communicate with your world. Is that what you want? Cuz if it is, then go right ahead, heck you'll help provide more jobs for nurses, doctors, neurologists and a few crime-scene investigators... and since you couldnt appreciate your life, they might be able to appreciate it for you. they'll get paid, you on the other hand,... well...
But happiness aint about fears! its about making the choice!
Did you get out of bed this morning? Did you take a blanket off your body? Did you see your partner, your child, did you pick the phone up? Did you see your walls still standing and were you able to pee when you got to the washroom? The laundry thats got to be done, will you have the water to do them? did you go to work?

and you, reading this, did you need a reader or translator?
we've got so much tobe happy for.
Happiness runs in a circular motion.