Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Denial, I heard...karma happened.

I wasnt going to post anymore
I was just going to let this space breathe,
and hopefully... be a little reminder of my more troubled days
the spot i can look to, to remind myself of how far i'd come
but i had to return today
to here,where i know i can share this,
and hopefully, look back later
when things are better.

I hear, heard, laughed because i must admit- its funny listening to you stumble.
i hear u done got screwed, boxed and fuckin scorned!
That you got bundled, grounded, burnt up, vacumed up... your ashes linger in some seas...

supposedly, you forgot who you were,
and was bluntly reminded.

You were everything but in the right place, time, mind
you were lost.

i remembered hahahaing, hohohoing and tee-e-eing the fuk up
cuz i thought
"damn! Denial , u done fucked up na!"

But like everyone has that self-regulating responsibility, so do i.
so yes, i caught myself at it, halted and thought...
as much as i dont like Denial
as much as i know shes only getting a nice slice of that chocolaty groundnutty cake called Karma,... sour innit?

"Denial, could'a been my sister'
(thank God she isnt! cuz i'da beaten the fuk sense into her.but thats not the point...)

hate that it had to happen, but things just dont happen.
Everything happens for a reason.
And i think the reason for this, was that you'd finally learn.

Like my mother use to say,...

"Denial, Show me your friends..."

you sold yourself short
sold your soul for a tiny peeny piece of shit
I'm glad i'm observing from afar
but do feel sorry that it had to happen to you

i really hope this'll be a learning experience
and pray to God, that he sends good luck your way to help you get through this.
And most importantly, i pray he gives you the wisdom,
and perfected memory
to remember
to learn from this.

Part of being an adult, is knowing how to pick your friends wisely. Grow up.