Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Bang!

Ask anyone who knows me in person, and they would tell you, I Love Fetes!
So it wasnt a suprise that when my friend Tarnia called me to go out with her to a Fete, i jumped it and hailed "YES!"

We went, we had a great time.
They played all the songs i hadnt heard since Mas! They played all the nice Parangs! They played "Jammin down de road!"
yall shoulda seen me, jammin to the beats!
i had a beautiful time!
Whats more?
I met this beautiful brova! HMM!!!
He was delicious! i loved the way he loved the best part of me...
and this may not be easy to get but... i loved what i loved of him, lots.

okay, so i danced with him...
and danced with him...
and danced with....

So on our way out the club, I met Malik...
typical 20somn year old black boy tryna see if he can get a sugarmams...
anyway, i checked his fingers, yep! typical! had a cigg' lit up, snuffin carcinogens into MA GODDAMN AIR!
anyway, i was polite
"malik, i'll call you"
"oh,i know you wont"
"Malik" I tugged at the neck of his chest lightly "i ain scared'a you"
he looked at me halfway between scared-shitless and confused. I let go of his shirt, decided to poke his chest with ma index finger instead
"dont you think for ONE SECOND that i have trouble telliung you to FUCK OFF!"
"sorry"24yo man-boy was scared na
"If i wasnt gon call you, i wasnt gon tek your numba"
"okay, well, cuz some girls..."
i gave him a stare. He choked on his words.

"Well, let me give you a ride home"
"I dont need one. I drove"
"okay let me walk you to your car"
"We're right in front'a ma car"
then his strupid cousin opened his marijuana-infested mouth bout
"Dat dere cant be your car, cuz dat dere's ma brejen's car"
"i wouldnt ride in dat, mista. That"... i pointed one car away" is ma car"
"oh okay, sorry"
damn! so dats how the bitch woulda just busted me if i had lied? anyway... he'll get his.
So i get in the car and he(the cousin) gave Malik a lollipop to give to me "Just in case you get stopped" he said. I had told them i was drinking earlier... anyway, i pop'd it in my mouth.

So off Tania and i rode.

When we left, we were reminiscing on our exciting night. We were so glad we went.
I was driving, Tarnia in the passenger seat.
We were talking... then all of a fucken sudden,
Tarnia yelled something out ... i would have heard what she said if i wasnt so distracted by what she did with her hands next...
Her hands reached for the wheel, and she swerved the wheel left.
I knew she regreted it immediately because she pulled her hands off like the wheels burnt,
"oh shit!" she didnt mean to swerve it that hard.
Keep in mind, we were on the freeway, going 100-120km/h.
Trying to counter her action, i grabbed the wheel and tried to swerve right.
but it was too late.
we were spinning.

They say you see your life flash before your eyes when its your time.
Maybe they were right.
We only span once or thrice, but i swear we were spinning for 5 minutes... long enough for me to ask myself
"Mad Soul, are you wearing your seat belt?"
"Mad Soul, is Tarnia wearing hers?"

I answered yes to myself.
I looked up, to see that we were about to hit the guard rail on the freeway.
I got ready;
"Mad Soul, hold your head up and rigid, hopefully that will decrease the whip lash"
I held my head up stiff and rigid,

Rrrready, Set BANG!
and we were bounced back onto the middle of the freeway, slanted on lane 2 and 3.
I swore to myself... this must be some sort'f movie.

The first thing i felt was the throbe on my head.
i started to cry.
I looked up to get the car started. If a car hits us now, we'll die for sure!
I tried to start it, it wouldnt start. It was too late, the car was rebelling. It wouldnt start.
I looked sideways at Tarnia...
To my suprise, she was laying flat. Her chair had flatened out. The airbags had not deployed.
Thank God the girl that was supposed to come with us didnt come along. If she had, she would be sitting behind Tarnia.
I spoke softly
"why did you do that?"
"You were getting too close to this side, i was scared" i had never heard her so sorry
"Yeah but you should have just told me! i would have reassued you that i knew what i was doing. I was on the right lane for a reason!"
she started to cry. I was done my crying.
A car stopped by us.
"Please dont cry! Please! Please dont! We're alive Tarnia! and i've got full coverage on my insurance!"
But she cried deeper.
I understood her.
She had been here once before.
Back then, it wasnt I that drove. Instead, it was her cousin who was practicing the art of "sleep-driving". Needless to say, they crashed. I had been there before. An ex did thesame once. i was in the passenger seat, he was driving. I fell asleep. He did too... he wouldnt admit that he had fallen asleep too, till a year later. Needless to say, we crashed, ran off the highway, into a ditch. Thank God for the freezing rain, thats what we blamed it on.

Another car stopped. One of them called the popos.
One of them was an off-duty paramedic.
He came to us
"Are you okay?"
"You have to get the car out of the road!"
I tried again, the car moved, i moved to the sie of the highway.
"I am a medic, are you hurt?"
"No, but she might be"
He went over to Tarnia.

I got out of the car, went around it to assess the damages
i started to cry. and i think you would have to understand the love i have for my car, to understand why i cried.
i picked up the broken pieces... lights, and whatever else from the floor, i put them in my car.
We're going to need some major body work. I hope it is fixable.
I went to the front, my glass did notbreak... its cracked. We didnt hit the front, but the pressure must have cracked it.
The cops and paramedics arrived. They took Tarnia to a hospital emerge... shes okay now... We're in some funky pains right na... but physio can fix that i'm sure. I'll go see a chiropractor today..
One of the popos had asked me
"Have you been drinking?"
"Yes, please assess my alcohol level." To maintain my cedibility, i didnt want to lie. Yet i wanted him to check my alcohol blood level so that he would know that i had little to drink.
"okay, i will"
but he never did. I wasnt drunk. I wish i was. So i could leave that miserable moment and drift off to Lala-land where my car is perfect, and my back isnt hurting, and my ear isnt burning and my knee isnt aching and my butt isnt firing. I wish i could drift right into that space where i could be just perfectly normal where i'm not tryna figure out how life can be so funny, yet be so real.

What is meant to be will be.
And for this, i say To God be the Glory.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


like i just wanna take a bath
drench ma head in that tub
say fuck ma shower caps
I wanna sit back and just relax and just

breathe it all in and be like
i'm glad
i just feel like...
like i',m home!, you kno like i'm home
and i'm comfortable but not really cuz its
daring to be home
but that there dare is the why i'm here cuz i cant seem to live but on that edge that dares me back here
i'm comfortable, being home.
I'm comfortable being lost and finding maself back here...
i am comfortable seeing what i could be, choosing to be this.
I am, y'know... dare i say (and &*^% whoever dont want to hear it) comfortable being your little figurine of what you cant dare to be

i just wanna take a comb n comb it through cuz
i feel like
i am home.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Oxtail song

Oh Ox-tail!
How i love thee!
And i love the fact that no one else can make you good enough for meeeee!
I like how you dont battle with your bones, too fuckin grown, just easily let it go!
An ode to oxtail!
And to the God that made this meal for me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Me, tomorrow.

i just wanna let you know that i am tired.
I am. I meannnn, really am!
i am tired that ihave o wait till you decide to come around. that ihave to wait cuz you got the net to do that i have to wait that you got you a new crew and for some reason you must get familiar with them new bitches so yall can make history.
plain and simply tired of you misunderstanding what i am.

HURRY THE FUCK UP! cuz i am tired'a waitin for you to gimme some dmn life.

Monday, December 3, 2007

As you.

...And if ever you ask, i will tell you. I did not stand up for you. I fought for what i believe was true
....And if you were to be thankful, i would remind you. I fought for what i believe was true.

I did so i wouldnt have to fight for my self. I fought, for my freedom to be preserved. Fought for my speech.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love n Bees

I beg you, please! do not love me. Your 143s make me nervous because I know your sugar aint free, pleaseeee do not love me. This sticky type love that snuffs me, denies me of space this type that attempts to demote me to a suckle-stance this love that you so demand that i must appreciate, that i must accept, that i must want, this passive-aggressive type love that is governed by laws that i know is glorified hatred, this gangsta “you either with me or you with them so you better be pickin a side” type love this strictly conditional depends on the day, the time, the way, the how, the fucking weather, or maybe even the color of font you got tonite type love that requests that i be dumb type love, love that wants me to succumb to wreck...this sugar-sweet though i'm diabetic type love that you insist is my realest love, who gave you the damn right to tell me what love i will or will not ever know? Since when did God die, since when did you board that throne? I sure as heavens didn’t get that memo!
This "oh you off to the mall?, but wait... we should go together" - type love! the type that suggests we rock matching color-gears -type love THIS shit type love that attemps to suffocate what makes me, that attempts to block all light rays away from me this type love this "i thought i almost saw the rainbow there for a minute till you arrived at ma door for the hundrendth mothafucking time"-type love! LOVE... that places my wallet on a pedestal, praises my ignorance and blesses my pride, this love! Love? is it? oh, i know it... this "love" that requires that hands MUST be locked once the doors ajar, eyes MUST stay locked since we being watched type love love that demands rehearsals looking like two pathetic losers love like sugar type love.... i know this love, i felt this love, i once thought i had no other choice but this love... couldnt reveal the true cards to the world... Never believe what you hear till you see it, never believe what you see till you're it. Couldnt get no one to see it then but i'm good now, shame wouldnt let me tell the truth of this, you call it? yeah...The love that admires my blindness, belittles me till i am hardly worth more than a damn material! I'll tell you now, i aint ma hair! Do you not ever wonder what it took to achieve this? Really,... do you?
I sometimes wonder…why, why, why oh why? i mean...why is it, so hard to catch a bee when we brewed from the same tree? Gimme honey, anyday. Your sugar is artificial. Gimme honey made by the busiest bees! Bzzzzz.... nice to meet you. Honey annointed by their buzzes lust after by men GIVE ME IT! Blind men seek it, but never will they find cuz you cant catch a comb till you open your eyes! gimme that honey that purifies even the dullest minds gimme that! that shit that strengthens your neck, erects your musles, keep your head standing tall, make you resonate the king in you. Gimme honey of eden, honey in the most brilliant words give me please! Bee sting till i cant be healed, let me ingest its every drop! Honey today honey the next honey to soothe ma greatest thirst… honey of ma lands honey of the milkiest trees off the coasts of Trinidad. Mix it in ma cocoa in the morn and ma cocoa in the eve, serve me till the combs run dry...Cest moi, Mademoiselle Hibiscus,...hold it to the tip'f ma tongue, hold me in the highest height of climax. gimme that juice till i cant wait to cum! gimme honey allday, far as i'm concerned, your sugar is artificial.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

You drive me crazy

Omo make you slow your temper
Bobo make you UP your game

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The lord may not come when you call, but he is always on time.

The art of basketball

PhD in Him

Have you visited?

Ice cream cone

matter-fact ben and that faggot-ass jerry lol

oh my goodness!

"and i aint telling you who made them since you like to bite off everythang i got!"

oh wow

Same cell

and i thought i was troubled!


i'm an emotional bitch so get away from me! i mean... marry me!

I got me a Poetri itch!

Prepare for ma wrath baby, prepare for ma wrath!

I miss you Money!

had to stick ma head outda hole for this one

We, are men!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Perfected Fuckyoularity

"Yep we made up!"
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confused child said...
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i'm 1st. big sis c how long u were w8in 4 an update n i'm 1st.
pheeeeeeeeew oya let me go n read.
October 11, 2007 11:08 PM
confused child said...
lol @ 4rm kissin 2 smooshing, 4rm smooshin 2 rushing. Girl u shud hav let him beg more afterall he ended d relationship anyway.dis 1 ur enjoyin it now, girl its painful ooooooooo wen it finally goes in.
as 4 aproko cousin, doesnt she hav anything else 2 do?d girl like jist no b small. hia!
o and i'm 2nd too!
October 11, 2007 11:26 PM
Lighty said...
was hurrrrrr, wuld be back.
October 12, 2007 6:03 AM
darkelcee said...
i love your style of writing.pretty cool.
October 12, 2007 6:37 AM
Lighty said...
so u and home boy got rough eyy??? tell me, wot lie exactly did u tell daddy, u naughty girl!
October 12, 2007 7:25 AM
unshined congo said...
@confused child: lol. i was willing to rush him oh. make him beg ke?the spirit was willing to hold back but the body nor gree. if u were in my situation,u 4 know how far brb
October 12, 2007 1:08 PM
Zephi said...
ahhh unshined did some freaky stuff...your mother sounds wats the deal? are u guys getting back together or it is a one time ting?
October 12, 2007 5:13 PM
cally-waffybabe said...
LOL. I can see that you took my threat seriously and quickly updated. I was serious o. lol. Damn, now i have to keep my promise and update. But that na ojoro now for our naija pals like princesa them way dey access net from work. If dem come back Monday see say my updates don plenty, dem fit even run sef! Abeg wait 'til at least Tuesday for new update jare.
BTW really lovin' your blog's new look. And what's with these new looney expressions ei? lol.
As for J, i sure say im dey shine another congo outside well well cos this una heavy petting don dey even vex me sef shoo! You don be expert wanker pass me sef! You be expert heavy petter sef! So wetin remain na?! Babe shine dis congo now...dammit shine ya congo girl! *stripping in frustration* Wot da fcuk!!!
October 12, 2007 7:55 PM
unshined congo said...
@lighty:Hmm!! so u really one know d lie eh!it was really really stupid. it was something bout going to take some study material from my friend and had to w8 4 her to come home. lame.. i

@darkelcee:thanx a lot *blushing*

@zephi:freeaky indeed!yep she really is.. this happend a while before i went on summer holiday. we're back together now..

@CWB:yes oh. na serious matter oh.. for a whole sist like u to naked put. haba!okay i go w8 oh.i nor know if e dey shine congo elsewhere oh! dat i cant say.. heavy petting abi?? hmmm stripping in frustration
ROTFLMAO!!nor let them catch u for the shining of congo, ill take my time.. lol
October 13, 2007 12:43 AM
Mommy said...
Hmmmmmmm!! Curiosity brought me here. 'Unshined Congo' dis name is hot. Let me go see what's been going on in archive land (yours). Take care!
October 15, 2007 1:58 AM
Anonymous said...
ok clap for yourself... you are back with a man that does not respect you, and cheats on you.. ewu nama
October 15, 2007 6:55 PM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
I really was going to say "awwww!" and "oh sooo sweeeet" and maybe i'd add a little dash of "congratulations!"... but then i read your post of how and why you two parted ways in the first place.
You took him back? what for? ;like... am i missing a part of the story here?
you took a man back even though he didnt give you a reasonable reason as to why he was cheating on you? (lmao like there's actually a reasonable reason) and as to why he totally feather-laddened-ly chickened his way out of that confrontation with an "its over" comment? sista, why now? please tell me i'm missing a part of the story because i'm truely lost... help me, Congo baby, find me!
so no "awww"s unless in an attempt to express the sadness that i feel for the whole situation. No "congratulations" unless i'm wishing you luck with yet another big mistake. no "sooo sweeet" unless i'm referring to the sweeetness that you must be getting from the ignorance that you seem to have dived in. ignorance is sweet so swim in it but i assure you, you'll end up in the deep end of the pool.
so yeah, someone please tell me i have misread this post and the other one too because i cant possibly beWeave it. oh yeah, and about getting in his face to see if he'd hit you... my sista, hmm.. i had to laugh at this one.
no seriously, i've read the comments on here i mean... wtf... am i the only one that feels like this is absolute and utmost rubbish? please oh, if ever i make a post about doing such stupid things as this, i hope SOMEONE would be honest enough with me to tell me the truth about it. the truth is COngo, you need to expect more for yourself. i mean, surely there must be a man out there who wouldnt cheat on you, right?
and about him kneeling down and begging. lmao what else did you expect? the nigga fuckin cheated! thats the damn least he coulda done!
i'll stop now because i truly am disgusted.
bottom line: you must be worth more than this, right?
October 15, 2007 7:01 PM

Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
lmao@ anonymous. i usually dont appreciate anonymous comments but how true that comment is.
October 15, 2007 7:05 PM

AMAZONIA said...
A friend of mine, called my attention to this post, ANd having read the two related post on this blog, i must write that Miss Diary is right. I think whats missing here is your self respect. We have all been there, many times we lack the courage to stand up to a man and say. "enough is enough, you are not good enough for me". I am asking you to challenge yourself. Say no. In fact, break up with the asshole, because believe me to stay with him is nothing short of self degradation. IN making up with him, you have sold yourself short in every sense of the word! ANd unlike your numerous commentors, i will not appease you or indulge in your childishness, rather i will be blunt. Because if you can great angry with me. You can get angry enough to leave that self righteous son of an ass, and respect yourself. I hope you do the right thing. Sometimes not having a boyfriend is what we need!
October 15, 2007 7:09 PM
unshined congo said...
@anon:thanx dear.. at least u dont h8 me as bad as calling me ewu nam(watever dat means guess it has to do wiv a goat) do u??Anyways dont need ur opinion on that one.Thanx anyways

@ diary of a mad soul sista:you havent misread any stuff my dear.i really appreciate pple who comment on my blog though u think its utmost rubbish. the bottom line would have made more sense if ur comment was not this lengthy. aww im so sorry ure disgusted guess there's a bathroom somewhere..thanx anyways

@Amazonia: everyone has a right to voice out their own opinion which might differ from yours. i respect everyones comment as well as urs..Thanx 4 d advise..
October 16, 2007 12:42 PM
unshined congo said...
@anon:thanx dear.. at least u dont h8 me as bad as calling me ewu nam(watever dat means guess it has to do wiv a goat) do u??Anyways dont need ur opinion on that one.Thanx anyways

@ diary of a mad soul sista:you havent misread any stuff my dear.i really appreciate pple who comment on my blog though u think its utmost rubbish. the bottom line would have made more sense if ur comment was not this lengthy. aww im so sorry ure disgusted guess there's a bathroom somewhere. Anyways thanx all d same

@Amazonia:Thanx. still really appreciate everyones comment. everyone has their own opinion and have the right to voice it out like u and so many others have done.
October 16, 2007 1:06 PM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
congo congo congo, how i wish you'd use this much feist in your communacation that day. I dont understand why wings tend to grow at the wrong times, you needed them that night when the nigg was barking fukry in your ears after he done sex'd, kissed, chopped or whatever another woman.Maybe i should'a just told you something nice and short (like "that was fuckin dumb" ) like the man tol' u since you seem to tolerate short sentences better. I mean, here i am filling you with as much truth as a reasonable person in your situation would need, and there you are with your... anyway, I'm just saying, its cute and all to pull your guns out but do that at the right time. A good time would be when you find out that Mista Trifllin Niggahman goes round town cheatin on you. ;)
oh and by the way, you're welcome.
October 16, 2007 2:25 PM

cally-waffybabe said...
@ diary of a mad soul sista: There's a fine line which people shouldn't cross and you've done that (twice). You could have put your point across without being insulting. Constructive critism is okay, but not insults. You agreeing with the anon that called unshined congo ewu (goat) and nama (cow) further exarcebates the issue. I was surprised at unshined congo's calm response to you. Even then, you still insulted her further.
FYI, unshined congo is still very young. I'm sure you made your own share of mistakes (or even worse if you'd care to admit it) at her age. This is not the way to put your point across. How would you like it if someone came on your blog and insulted you?

@ unshined congo: Girl, i'd advise you to ban anonymous comments from your blog, so people like that rude anon can go and open a Google account if they REALLY want to comment. Also, i think you should moderate your comments, so that you can discard the insulting ones. You do have a right to freely express yourself on your blog without taking all this plak from rude people.
Now you understand why my blog is only on invite. i can't imagine such people trying to turn my blog into a market place.
Please don't bother responding to their comments anymore. Just moderate your blog as i've advised.
Take care babe.

October 16, 2007 9:43 PM
cally-waffybabe said...
October 16, 2007 9:52 PM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
err...madam cally... did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe i dont understand whatever language that is? it sounds ibo to me and it might as well been french if you ask me... i agreed to what i understood. wetin be ya own? nonsense!
insults ke? where?
is it me or did you totally misunderstand me?
care to reread it again? hell it doesnt even matter...
i think you're being silly. just because someone disagrees to another's POV does not necessarilly mean they're insulting the person... okay?
the one and only thing that might have made some sense that you did mention was that shes still young. yes, she is. And yes, i did make some mistakes when i was younger (i must admit though, not like this, but then again,that doesnt make me any better) but when i did, people didnt just sweep it under the carpet and make it appear like it was okay, they TOLD me...
but i can see she isnt used to being told, and i see why...
to each his/her own but abeg let it be known that if i wanted to be rude, i would have been. But instead, i was being honest. honesty goes a long way oh,and if she was my sis, i'd be honest with her.
if someone came on my blog and insulted me ke? lmao WTF? Madam Cally, where you been? in blogville, isnt that like a normal thing?
hey, Congo doesnt have to accept my POV, but that doesnt make it any less truthful.
and like you said, theres always the comment moderation option so people who may want to be bluntly truthful with her, can be iggy'd. i didnt know we were here to pretend and lie with each other, yall should'a put a damn notice on the door to alert blunt bitches like me so we know better than to come in...
October 16, 2007 10:34 PM

Anonymous said...
Why does sex have to be something to be blogged about? Porn in words.
Good to know you're still a virgin.
October 17, 2007 2:11 AM
cally-waffybabe said...
@ diary of a mad soul sista: You obviously have issues that need dealing with. This isn't the first time i've noticed your rudeness.

Even on your own blog, people hardly leave comments because of your horrible attitude. Last time i checked (today BTW) there was 1 comment in one post and 2 somewhere else...i think the highest i saw was 5 in another post.

The one that shocked me the most was the birthday post that you'd put up for your brother. Poor DOG came over and prolly misunderstood, thinking it was your birthday and proceeded to warmly wish you a happy birthday. A normal person would have said something like DOG it's my brother's birthday but thanks all the same. Waddup? But not you! You ranted, "WTF are you wishing me happy birthday..." In fact i just left your blog with my mouth open like huh???

I also saw your latest "insult" (surprise surprise) on DOG's blog, under his new post. Thing is, everyone that knows DOG knows that that's just the way he is. He has never proclaimed to be perfect and is a self confessed playa. But although we sometimes scold or tease him for his naughtyness, we do so lovingly cos we all love him all the same, as he is a very loyal and loving blog pal. Even Queen Of My Castle, whom almost everyone loves and adores, also playfully scolded and teased him about that post. But you, madam, had to tell him that you don't respect him.

Even then, look at the way he's still showing you love despite all the insults you've bestowed upon him. He is one of the regular contributors to your pitifully sparse comments.

Now mad soul sista, i don't really care about your rudeness or insults, but i would stick up for unshined congo until the end cos she's like a l'il sister to me.

You claim that you may have made mistakes, but not like her. Okay miss goody two shoes, woteva. Just let unshined congo be.

As per telling her the truth, you don't know what i tell her privately, so stop making assumptions. She hasn't asked you to be her big sister. Imagine how miserable that would be for her to have someone like yourself as her big sister.

If you don't like her, then please stay away from her blog. I would not allow you attack her. I am like a mother hen and would fiercely protect her from people like yourself. Go and find another blog to stalk and let her be. She doesn't need your contributions on her blog!
October 17, 2007 11:04 AM
Ubong Da said...
so when una go shine dis congo eh?
October 17, 2007 12:18 PM
badderchic said...
UBONG! you be MAAAAD man!
October 17, 2007 1:10 PM
badderchic said...
This is MY point of view

Blogsville is a place where we can ALL express ourselves without thinkin of what anyone thinks.

It is NOT a law court neither is it an opinion poll, no way, its one place where a whole lot of us feel at home. so...

Mad Black sistuh!
Its not anybody's fault you are mad at the world, neither is it anybody's fault you lack the capacity to feel emotion, i hate taking sides and all but you said it we need to be honest. this is me being gas some kin attitiude problem, you really need some gbola to be stuck in your throat walahi, you and anon, if anon had the liver? be brave! get an Id.

Unshined, i dont too gbadun your decisions but my job as family (and believe me we are) is to be there for you thru thick and thin, through mistakes and victory's like CWB said, you is young, you gasta make YOUR mistakes, darn we all made our share of mistakes thats what makes us stronger...wiser, free!

Mad? if you really cant stand what you read, divert from her page, its her page and her life, she can do what she chooses. Anon? you sound more like an anumpama (i hope i got that right, i hear it means bush meat)

Unshined? Im with CWB on this one, love you as you are, warts and all.

Sorry to take sides like i said but really like Ubong said...Which day you go shine this congo noow?
October 17, 2007 1:27 PM
badderchic said...
Sorry no vex but ehen @ Amazonia...

He without sin should cast the first stone
October 17, 2007 1:32 PM
Mad Soul said...
Madam Cally, it isnt the first time? lol are you serious??? lollll

wait oh, sista Cally you know you got you some MAJOR issues, right? you're on here talkin out your ass bout ma blog and people not leaving comments because of my "horrible attitude"... is that how you judge yourself? by the amount of comments you receive? i really meant to bite my tongue but i'm really itchin to tell you that you Cally, are so fuckin stupid. i mean, WHAT THa FUkry is this!?! that DOG that you mentioned, yeah i felt it necessary to say what i said and may i remind you that that was MA motherfuckin blog? i have known him enough to know that he doesnt necessarilly read posts before commenting so a lot of times, his comments have nothing to do with the posts! Okay, i said that to him, you didnt like it, now wetin u wan mek i do? commot pata? lol abeg jere! go kill yasef if you want, i said it to him on my blog and thats that. (i'd also say it again)
my blog has been inactive for a while. i dont blog on there like most ppl do.I see you went on there with your doggynose, sniffin till you figured i'm "rude" and i dont get much comments. if you think i blog for comment, then you're dumber than Loreal's Blonde haircolour. You're totally missing the point. I DONT WANT COMMENTS, I BLOG FOR therapy you ninny...i'll have you know: i dont use my blog for politics, friendships, networking or whatever... i dont blog on there religiously. i do however, hate leaving annonymous comments on ppls blogs so i usually just sign in to leave comments.
Cally, i know your type. How could i not? den full blogville. The types of "it" that goes round blogville, politickin in words, you are a sad excuse for a true person. I dont come on blogville to make friends ohhhh!
You need to learn that life isnt about how many comments you get on blogville especially if the comments are made by people that would rather spray some whipped cream on your ass so they could get a good lick.fuckin asskissers. you're an idiot, i knew that from the first time i saw your comment here.
about me saying i dont respect DOG, lmao! Hell, heaven, and all elements of life KNOWS that i cant respect a person who speaks of women the way he does. and if that makes me wrong, then i dont want to be right. and fuck you kindly, for being a total asshole by being such a fuckin rimmer. (people like you make it seem okay that he says some things that he says. Yet you're on here bitchin at me. like i said to unshined, you need to learn to pull your guns out at the right time.) what de ass do you want? a fuckin cookie???! de man no complain... WETIN BE YA OWN?

lastly, let me tell you Cally (your highness), sometimes its nice to open your eyes, you should try it sometime. I know DOG as a person. no, he doesnt know i know him in person but i'm sure you'll do the honors and let him kno since you seem to have a masters in Gbeborunology which you seem to be horrible at, by the way...
a lot of the things i say to him, i say to the DOG i know, and not necessarilly the one that blogs so FUCK YOU for ur ITK and if i had to do it over, i'd still tell him "i cant respect you" for that comment he made on that post. i admit there're a lot of good things about DOG. i suggest you do your assignments and check my past comments on his blog. Seems to me like you'd be interesty in that sort of an assignment, madam SnoopAlot.

now, i dont give a shit who your little sister, or whatever is, what i do know is that comments were allowed on this blog. so STFU pls and thanks

thanks for calling me goody2shoes... i'm sure you missed the part where i mentioned that i wasnt any better than unshined.

it would be miserable for me to be her big sister, thank God!

leave her be ke?
you make me laugh! i wonder oh, can you even fuckin read? i posted a comment, and you totally took it out of hand. but then again, you're an idiot. so really, i didnt expect any better.
I'm sure you would've prefered it if i had simply made a comment like "oh unshined congo, thank God you're back with him. when are you two going to get married? "

with friends like these, who needs enemies? and you implying that you tell advise her in private (off blogville) further makes me wonder about you. why you leave the silly comments here while you give her (hopefully better) advise offline beats me.
so you want to protect your sister? you're helping her with the wrong war. there isnt a battle here. that wasnt my intentions. you should help her with the right battle... the one that seems to have flown right over your head.

Madam Cally, i no wan fight ohhh!
you're scaring me already buhahahahaaaaaaaa! you'll protect gini? ewo! somebody save me! na for where i go run now?
Oluwa gbogunti awon ton gbogun timiiiii!!! fija fun awon ton bamii jaaaa!

i lack the ability to feel emotion? lolll i beg to differ on that opinion. do you even know what "emotion" is? i wonder if you meant to say "empathy"? i dont know... anyway...what does "gbola" mean? i doubt i need it. but may i suggest it for madam Cally who might still have her mouth open from her last visit to my blog? attitude problem ke? lollllllll okay, thank you ohhh! i appreciate ur POV. i think you;re right about diverting. thats one thing that i can definitely agree with. as it seems, ppl have preferences, and they're allowed that. i prefer to be bluntly honest with ppl, she on the other hand, appears to misunderstand my intentions.
and then theres Honorable Madam Cally who's decided to bunch her knickers up right into her spinal cord... lol lord, i tell you, blogville wont kill me!

anyway, let it be known i honestly didnt mean to insult anyone. okay, i lie... i INItially didnt mean to insult anyone. but then madam royal highness Cally came by, opened her mouth and stenched up the whole damn place. i think my original posts were misunderstood.

SO! Sista-Royal-Highness-Cally-waffy- babe-the-only-queen-of-blogville-who-gets-more-posts-than-is-countable pls i beg you in the name of Jesos, Alah or whatever the fuck you beWeave in; please unbunch your panties?

thanks yall! it was fun.
October 17, 2007 4:19 PM
cally-waffybabe said...
@ unshined congo: Babe, this is serious o. Were dey ya blog o. Dis wan don pass man. LOL. She clearly has SERIOUS issues and is crazily mad at the world. Yeeee! I know she ain't gat a man either. How can she ke? Were nie! Yepa unshined babe, how dis were manage fain you na?! Chei! look the whole novel wey she write post for here! I swear i no fit even read half finish sef. Kai.
Never mind babe, e go better. We bind her in the name of Jesus. May she find another blog to carry her were(ness) to. And the people say...AMEN!!!

Abeg anyone that comments from now on this issue should just shout AMEN! No need to answer were again. Kai! Tufia bad thing! LOL.
October 17, 2007 5:35 PM
Nadine said...
October 17, 2007 5:38 PM
candid said...
October 17, 2007 6:08 PM
Sparkle said...
NA WA O...y'all take it easy now alright...
October 17, 2007 7:47 PM
unshined congo said...
AMEN!! lol
October 17, 2007 10:50 PM
Ubong Da said...
@badderchic shoo no be u infect me eh. Come oh is ur congo also unshined?
October 18, 2007 12:45 AM
Ubong Da said...
@CWB et al. Make una leave Mad Soul/Soul alone o!. She tried me months back on Naijawife & Vikki's blog but I just ignored her and waka pass, afterall person dey old for any of those kind small pickin outburst.
October 18, 2007 12:56 AM
Mrs Somebody said...
October 18, 2007 1:19 AM
cally-waffybabe said...
@ ubongda: This isn't Soul o. This is one looney so that is obsessed with unshined congo. Also, Soul is my pally. This mad soul sista's profile says she's based in Canada. Soul lives here in London. So i know it's not her. This one is clearly mad i swear. Chai.
She claims she was advising unshined congo. Look at the difference between Amazonia's comment and hers. Amazonia gave constructive criticism, but did not insult unshined congo. This idiot mad soul were sista come dey agree with anon say unshined congo na ewu and nama. Chei look frustrated sick mad were nie!!!
October 18, 2007 1:36 AM
Baroque said...
October 18, 2007 7:55 AM
Anonymous said...
@mad soul/soul why do u derive joy in causing trouble wherever you go?. your comments are always offensive. your name sef fits you. MAD SOUL. Are you sure your not really mad ni????. they suppose sweep you out of blogville. your trouble dey too much. don't worry e go better. it only takes a couple of minutes to see a doctor. i think something is really wrong with you. you are very arrogant. you keep on causing trouble on peoples blog. unshined congo is my buddy. i chose not to identify myself for a good reason.
nawa 4 u oh. this one don pass maddness. they suppose chain you.
@unshined congo. which kain yeye person be this.

@cally. you better start running. the babe get serious mental problem walahi. She needs serious deliverance. tufiakwa. i never see this kain thing for my life before. RUBBISH!!

@ubong da. lol

October 18, 2007 8:15 AM
Teediva said...
abeg make i just comment on the blog dey go my own o. unshined, nice post. waiting for the next one asap.

October 18, 2007 8:37 AM
badderchic said...





October 18, 2007 11:25 AM
princesa said...

Where i dey wey all this one dey happen for my back???

Unshined seetie, i love you and i go talk my own say you pardon that J too easily, anyway na ur life and its ur right to do as you like!

Cally my love! Abeg i no want hear ya voice again for here o! Two people no dey mad at the same time. As i on see say one person name carry 'mad' inside, i no want make you sef follow kolo o!

Whatever anyone says, i believe blogville is for networking, making friendships, discovering ourselves and lots more! If you need therapy see a therapist!!!
October 18, 2007 11:29 AM
badderchic said...
@ Ubong...

if i said yes, would you offer to help me shine my own congo? *winks*

Agbaya like Na only Unshined dey that category, sorry!
October 18, 2007 11:31 AM
Anonymous said...
@mad soul..pele/sorry/ndo

you people should please leave her for me oh(lol). I think she is just frustrated. anywhere i go she is always fighting with someone.e go better.
October 18, 2007 11:40 AM
Anonymous said...
i forgot to say AMEN!! AMEN!! AMEN!!
October 18, 2007 11:41 AM
diary of a G said...
*still thinking what to say*
I'll holla
October 18, 2007 4:30 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon, STOP ALREADY! People are not blind, you have been going to your cronies’ blogs to bring traffic here and you know where you have been to continue this fight. There are more important things to do with your time like a husband and kids to look after, remember them?
October 18, 2007 4:37 PM
Anonymous said...
badderchic/barouque/mrs.somebody/princesa/ubong da/nadine. yall have a serious problem. stope causing trouble in other peoples blog too. IDIOTS!!
October 18, 2007 5:05 PM
hippy said...
mad soul sista/soul/nubian soul you think we dont know its you posting as anonymous? buhahahahaha. we may all have husbands and kids to look after which by the way you would NEVER have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 18, 2007 5:35 PM
amazonia said...
no but seriously, Cally. I respect the rights of everyone to have an opinion. But If you put something online, you have effectively relinquished your rights to privacy and the like. Most of us are bloggers and We come here to state our opinions, read, gain some kind of knowledge, and go about our regular business. What is the issue of contention here? That Ms Congo, wrote a story online, and myself and ms Madsoulsista responded, and expressed an opinion which is contrary to yours and perhaps others. I never respond to peoples blog, unless i feel like i really have something to say.And i appreciate when people come to my blog and actually express a real opinion.But that is not the reason why i blog. I blog to heal. And you have more readers, than other bloggers doesn't make one blogs better than others. In fact its been my experience that its usually those obscure blogs, that have some sort of educational value. what has happened here is that i as well as madsoulsista, have expressed our opinions. We do not agree, with Ms Congos actions. And where she my sister, i would tell her bluntly that she was a fool, to have ignored how that man disrespected her. We women are sometimes our own worst enemies. These kind of behavioral tendencies, are always available for observation if we will only just pay attention. Its the same idiots, that will complain tomorrow that their husbands are abusing them. You must be cognizant of the things you can and cannot tolerate from a man, Otherwise, you will often times be a fool. SO Ms Cally and Mr Ubong da (who i am especially disappointed in for his ridiculous comments above)you should both allow for dissenting voices to be heard. We are not ramming it down her throat. This is a public forum (as long as she allows it to be so), and all views can be expressed. she has to ultimately decide which is worthy and which is not!
October 18, 2007 5:43 PM
hippy said...
@ mad soul sista/soul/nubian soul you say you're blogging for therapy. That's a sign of mental illness. Don't forget your meds!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 18, 2007 5:45 PM
IJEOMA said...
lol @ those that fancy themselves as better because they have husbands and children to look after
October 18, 2007 5:45 PM
IJEOMA said...
madsoulsista no go kill me..

haba ubongda take am easy now .. shuo..

cally.. e go better eh!
October 18, 2007 5:47 PM
Anonymous said...
mad soul/soul, you blog for therapy this is serious hahahhahahhahhahahah. i know your the one posting comments as anonymous. May God help you!

princesa your are so right if you need theray see a therapist.
October 18, 2007 7:15 PM
Anonymous said...
October 18, 2007 7:16 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon, i am adressing you with all the names you are hiding under. Why are you acting like a high school girl that is giddy with her new found popularity? I am not DMSS, my reaction to her comment was that she used harsh language that could be interpreted as mean spirited but she speaks the truth, as opposed an agbaya like you that is subtly encouraging UC to stay in an abusive relationship , i guess misery loves company, where is your darling husband? For a married mother of two, you sure have a lot of time on your hands. You are obviously sexually frustrated, that is why for every erotic blog, you are there, for every raunchy comment, you leave two.
Since you appeared in the blog world recently (riding on Calabar gal’s coattails) you have been rude to other people, responding to comments that do not concern you. After that you became Cally-Waffybabe ,you are sooo unoriginal, claiming that you are half Calabar, half Warri, YOU ARE SO THICK, WARRI IS A PLACE NOT A TRIBE.

As a married woman who grew up in Warri, let me break it down for you: Na you first marry, na you first born pikin, wey you no won let person hear word? Abeg go select beans. Useless born throway, Ashawo kobokobo, Pilolo you don tell your pikin them who their Papa be? See your mouth like I marry. Notice me or i die, keep your blog private, the dorty comments wey you de leave don tell me about your character, no wonder your husband no de sleep house.You talk say you get OCD, you sure say you no de Bipolar? That na the only reasonable explanation for this your craze. No worry, just like potopoto, the rain wey wash you come go soon soon beat you , wash you comot from the blog world like gutter on environmental sanitation day. That na if dem no go soon deport you, your visa never expire?

Married anon, now what?
October 18, 2007 7:18 PM
candid said...
@ anonymous, i know you are also mad soul/soul, why are you hiding nah eh? poor child. are you scared to post the comment with your name. i thot u had the mouth before what happened. don't be scared mad soul. post the comment with your name. stop hiding no one will bite you. shuo.nadine is another different person oh. stop calling her name. no make am catch u.
October 18, 2007 7:24 PM
candid said...
@unshined congo. where are you come and remove this comment mad soul sista wrote/ anonymous wrote. she is very rude biatch. pls come and start moderating your comments. the babe has serious issues. she doesn't want to use her real name again. she has gone from being a blogger to being anonymous. mad soul/soul stop being scared post the comment with your name. you need serious medication. for real they need to chain you and take you to psychia. don't worry mad soul i can see your really frustrated because you don't have a man. you are thirty something years right? its not my fault no man have ever kissed you not to talk of shinning your congo. you are an asshole.

your just frustrated that is the major problem here. see you calling CGP ashewo. she is still better than you. you are one ugly bitch. you think i don't know who you are. don't make me put up your pics, so that the whole world can see how ugly and old you are. you better beg me now. dairy of a g is the only person that knows you have a blog, and still u have the mouth to insult him. i don't blame. since no human being agreed to date you. why don't you go chasing over monkeys. you don't belong to this generation. you are an outkast. this is why your parents abandoned you. Idiot like you. fear don catch you. you are now scared to post the comment with your name. thunder fire your ynash there. stop infecting this blog with your disease!!
October 18, 2007 7:38 PM
candid said...
@Amazonia wettin be your own. u better find your square root outta of this blog, before it will soon be your turn.

@unshined congo u may know who this is. i chose not to identify myself. like we said today. am always there to protect you from all these motherfuckers. Nonsense and ingredients!
October 18, 2007 7:44 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon, You no dey sleep? Wetin i de talk, winch de sleep? Why does it surprise you that someone else really finds you so irritating? You keep addressing DMSS, she obviously no get your time, you even carry fight go meet am for im blog. Your personas plenty, but i don tire for your madness and since UC de let you post, i go tell you some home truths. I no get google account, i no get blog, tell me your name, i go tell you my own. Since when you become the pimp mama of a certain crowd of blog mafia? na so so fight you de fight for people blogs, i have never read a comment from you that either suggested peace, understanding or you just leave a comment and go your way. I know you live for these things, miserable cow.
The fight when you for fight your husband to say e de house naim you carry come, no worry, one day e go come house. Maybe the reason why you no like DMSS na because your husband de for im single girlfriend house this morning.
BTW, you have corrected your spelling the exact same way twice.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 7:45 PM
Anonymous said...
@ mad soul/ soul. you are very very MAD. that your name fit you very well. idiot i don't blame you. see how you just they infect your disease everywhere. fool. your mama and papa no burn you well. stop hiding and identify yourself as the mad soul you really are. idiot of no comparison. fear don they catch you.
October 18, 2007 7:51 PM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
Oh wow, so many comments to respond to! I'll say this though: I DONT RESPOND TO ANNONs so unless you've signed on, you can expect your post to kindly and rudely, be ignored.

lol some bitches mek me laff! whats the correlation between me being a "were" and me having or not having a man? i can tell you one'a dem ignorant cheap ill-breded clit praisers who thinks that a woman must have a man to be sane. I did agree to annon's comment, so do your worst. shoot me, or shit
you calling me a "were"? bitch thats like callin me "Mad Soul". I'm sure you can read... my name IS "Mad SOUl" aint it? damn ignorant fool, if you're gon try to cuss me, better come real widit

fuck you all to eternity for using that word in the wrong context. how de fuck can you attempt to swear at a person while appearing to pray? you fucking self-righteous yeast infested crack sniffers! i'm not religious, but i sure do hope you pray to God for some forgiveness. as for me, i still think the biggest fools (yeah, even worse fools than cally) are yall motherfucking shit-stains! you lose your individual voices, by adopting some idle headed harpy's daft opinions. anyway, yall uggos can go defile a rock for all i care...

to say i was suprised about the comment you made, is to understate my reaction to it. I have been on your blog numerous times, and though i find it quite linear, i did enjoy whatever i read there... and i commented accordingly. when i stopped enjoying it, i simply stopped visiting. You really threw me off with your comment, but i think everyone has a right to their opinion. what i dont understand is WHY DE FUK WOULD YOU BITCH ABOUT IT NOW??? i dont remember ever posting a comment to you on anyone's blog, neither do i think i even know those two blogs you mentioned... but the way i see it is; IF YOU COULDNT SAY SOMETHING THEN< WHY SAY IT NOW??? all of a fuckin sudden, you seem to me like one'a dem clit-gnawing carps i've come to have known oh so well on blogville. IF you couldnt bitch about this shit then, den you should'a stuck a piece'a dick in it and just shut tha fuck up, for life! just because that idiot came bitching, you figured you would hop on the bitchbus and yap too? what happened to your courage when i "supposedly" was rude to you? anyway, unless you're suffering from some subliminal neurotic tendencies that forces you to delay your reaction, you're a pathetic excuse for man, and a coxcomb coward bitch at that. lastly, i'm not Soul. I'm MadSoul so get it right. (maybe you should learn to read)

i'm glad you could read. yes, ma name is "MAd SoUl"...
and apparently, i dont use blogville for those reasons you claim but to each, his/her own. i think everyone has issues (regardless if you want to agree to that or not). i deal with mine differently... through reflection. i choose not to see a therapist. this is my therapy. am i allowed that? damn!
on the other hand, i personally think people who want to network or make friends can gerrout from online and do dat shit in person.

i suggest you keep to yourself. apparently on blogville, people only accept positive "smile coated" opinions, regardless how deceptive it is. but i must admit, its refreshing to see that there still exists a glimmer of individuality on here. i'd thank you for being this way but i get the feeling that you're not necessarilly doing it to be rewarded by people, but to be able to be at peace with yourself. what i dont understand is why people expect opinions, if they cant tolarate them! i think instead of the "comment" link on people's post, it should be a "ass kiss" link. anyway, good luck.

lmao! it takes this much drama to bring you out'a ur hiding, eh? i swear, drama like this should happen more often then! how you dey? hope you're good. you're so missed.
October 18, 2007 8:05 PM

Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon.
I no know say wetin i talk pain you reach like that, okay e don do, clean your eyes. NOT!

Why you de shout UC name like hausa goat wey know say sallah don reach? I ready for you, inshort, if UC delete my comments, i go get google account 'specially for you, everywhere you leave comment, i de dia. Na you find trouble draw my attention come here, forgetting that just the same way some people de tolerate you na the same way some people no just like you, why you come de shout? You are so obvious. Your friends never telephone you advise you yet, oh i forget, dem de sleep because them no de craze. See the people wey you de call your friends, dem go soon distance themselves from you. I assume DMSS is a brave straight forward person, she does not need me to fight her battles and frankly i do not care to. But you, LEGION, have not been fighting fair, and you left one comment too many. No one else has stood up to you before, you like to have the last word. The same way you shook your mouth for quarrel wey no concern you, naim i de do for you, make you see as e be.

I sorry for you see the yardstick wey you de take measure person. Your poor poor husband, actually he is yours and everyone else’s. Tee hee.
You still never tell your pikin them who their Papa be?

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 8:06 PM
Anonymous said...
DMSS,Canadians rock aye? Wink. I do not expect you to respond, this poor excuse of a woman has pissed me off royally.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 8:08 PM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
to be honest, i cant believe how much it costs to step out of a crowd! i mean... if i'm being criticised for suggesting that a girl should love herself enough and not be a cheap dick-token, isnt that better than congratulating her on her accomplishment as a perfect doormat?
you fools wont kill me!
anyway, i'll be back to respond again.
anyone who wants or deserves a response, should kindly post with an ID or fuck off.

thanks yall, its been fun.
October 18, 2007 8:13 PM

candid said...
dairy of a mad soul sista. thunder fire your ynash there. idiot. u think i didn't see you coming out of the garbage can eh>? your therapist is at the door waiting for you. you think say you get mouth. wait make other bloggers wake up. make ubong da, princesa, cally-waffybabe wake up and see your comment. poor you there is no one to save you. i go siddon here till they wake up. they are going to flog the madness outta you. bastard like you.
October 18, 2007 8:18 PM
candid said...
mad soul sista your lucky its not my blog your messing with, if not i'll know how to handle you. were!
October 18, 2007 8:21 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

No be only OCD, being Bipolar de worry you, you are also schizophrenic. For you to refer to yourself in the third person, wow, that mean say your craze don enter market. I don de enjoy this thing sef, You still never tell your pikin them who dia Papa be? Oh sorry, (whispers) i no know say you no know.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 8:26 PM
candid said...
@anonymous. you must have begged for an invite, and she kindly invited you to her. you must be one of her blog readers for you to know all these false statement about her. eeeya pele. am goin to tell her to go an univite you. i now know who a are. don't worry u'll be surprised if i exposed your name. watch and see
October 18, 2007 8:33 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

You should know about therapists. You change them the way people change underwear. E de pain you say you no get wetin you go fit use take curse me? Blog traffic pilolo, the only thing wey you fit talk na to say, make people block comments, say you no fit turn your blog into market place, na you and your children be the craze wey don enter market finish. (Gasp, did i cross the line?) If LEGION fit curse people Mama and Papa, she leaves members of her family WIDE OPEN. If you respect yourself, people will respect you. Learn from the examples you came to meet in the Blog world, like your friend Calabar Gal. By force, by force, you won drag Mrs S into the pit of hell wey you de suffer. Miserable cow.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 8:41 PM
so u like it rough, huh? wa sha! so how about dat owoh and starch now?...any one still remain. d way u talk about that owo and usi sha just dey make my mouth dey sallivate for here...all dis my waffy babes sef. na wire 4 una...u don yarn popsy stori waka pass...after some rough action, chei! abeg save me some owoh o!
October 18, 2007 8:46 PM
candid said...
@anonymous. you are a BASTARD!
October 18, 2007 8:54 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

“you must be one of her blog readers for you to know all these false statement about her”

Candid is not a blog author but has access to CWB’s ODIODI blog. Okayee.
E be like say the curse when i curse you pain you reach bone. Tee hee.
Oh so e just click for your fried brain say i be anon? I really get your time today.
See your mouth like “i will tell CWB for you” I do not read your blog and i do not care to. Your character shows from the comments you have left everywhere your toto has been. If i be your friend reading this when i wake up, i go shame small for you.
Everybody has been indulging you; welcome to the big bad world, not everyone likes you.
The only reason i am doing this is because you took this too far and you have not been fighting fair. If you stop, i will stop. I no tell you before say make you stop? You no hear word, you won do strong head Fly wey no de hear word go follow shit enter grave. Go ahead, “univite” me, your brain is short circuiting and BLOWING UP to “exposed” me. i laugh yanfuyanfu.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 9:04 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

"@anonymous. you are a BASTARD!"

I'm sorry, is that not the name your kids respond to?

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 9:07 PM
hippy said...
@ mad soul sista/soul/nubian soul/every other coward here, calabar gal's pal and ubong da are unhappilly married with kids. i am happily married with kids which you would never be so STFU bitch!!!!!! buhahahahahahaha!!!!!!
October 18, 2007 9:13 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

Are you taking the piss?Is that the best you have?Wetin de do you? Set your blow well well now? Happily married? CWB is unhappily married,eh? See gist.To marry easy oh, ask Britney. Any pilolo fit marry. To born easy, ask Britney. Maybe before you marry, you be insecure single woman,wey pepper body de worry because person curse you because you never marry that time. Naim make you de talk say another person no fit marry, think say na curse.Abeg go baff for Ethiope river.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 9:26 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

Why do you do it? Trying hard to keep your personas seperate that is? You de fear say the love wey you de crave soo badly go leave when people see how two-faced,scratch that, how multi-faced you are and how vicious you are? I DON DRAW EAR FOR YOU FOR THE LAST TIME, YOU STOP, I STOP. Because after you vexxxx call me bastard, i come de sorry for you.No be everthing be your fault say make your husband de do wetin e de do.That na person Mama, i told myself.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 9:35 PM
Anonymous said...
Calabar gal's pal/ Cally-Waffybabe/Nadine/Candid/Hippy/Anon/Fight announcing Anon/LEGION

I'm off to bed. We go block when i wake up.Tode,Abayo,Odabo.

Married Anon.
October 18, 2007 10:11 PM
Ubong Da said...
Shoo. 77 comments Gaddam. Whey my stool na here I go siddon read and look today. I beg who get Bingo for sale. I need plenty 404 peppersoup o!.
October 18, 2007 11:32 PM
kokster said...
Stop this!!!
Let peace reign in blogville.
October 19, 2007 2:53 AM
princesa said...
All i will say is this;
Person wey get liver post with ur name and id make we link you flog that madness comot for ya head!

Cally babe! Them just dey jealous you darling.

All you crazy anons, go get a life!!!!

Unshined delete all these stupid comments from ur blog and ban anons from here.

@ubong, get up make we dey go house o!
October 19, 2007 3:40 AM
Jumife said...
Get A Life!!!!!!!
October 19, 2007 4:26 AM
Ubong Da said...
@princesa: ok i don tanda. your house or mine?
October 19, 2007 5:20 AM
Isi said...
wh..wh...wh...what is going on here!!! abeg make i comot before i wound!
October 19, 2007 5:34 AM
Anonymous said...
What'a all this name calling and bitching about, Cally and Mad soul, aint you both supposed to be biger and better than this? please for pete's sake, you both stop acting like silly little brats and go do something constructive with your life.
October 19, 2007 8:23 AM
confused child said...
dis is all bullshit! n unshined congopls come n delete all dis comments.
October 19, 2007 8:24 AM
Nadine said...
@ anonymous: werrin be ur own. why do you keep on calling my name?. it seems to me you also think am cally-waffybabe. Pls am a different person.NONSENSE! Joblessness is a sin.*sigh*

@Unshined Congo: pls where are you? come and delete all this fooloish anonymous comments. hissssssss
October 19, 2007 8:50 AM
Nadine said...
@cally: sweerie pls don't mind them jare. I like how u just ignored them. it shows how matured you are. they've turned unshined congo's blog to a market place. Godforbid bad thing. hissssss
October 19, 2007 8:54 AM
Anonymous said...
lol@nadine, anonymous thinks your cally-waffybabe. don't mind them!
October 19, 2007 9:06 AM
Baroque said...
@Ubong, i get one nkita...him name na Terror...but the dog no get to buy?...him get three legs sha...okada accident...found a new cant beat it...fucking self-righteous yeast infested crack sniffers...BAD!!!...AMEN!
October 19, 2007 9:11 AM
kokster said...
LOl @ Baroque.......
Your sense of humour is Da BOMB!!!
DMSS should be ashamed of herself.
How can a human being carry so much venom in her?Look how easily she spits it out!
Too bad!
Too too bad!
October 19, 2007 9:26 AM
amazonia said...
So, it seems that all the adults of blogville have officially dispersed, and what we have now residing in blogville are complete bafoons (who possess the mentality of sparing the rod and spoiling the child) Ok from this debacle, there are several lessons to be learnt?

1) In blogville you may only express opinons of which are favorable to the blogger. Any other opinions must be discarded.
2)If you do express an opinion contrary to the popular view, you will be accused of either needing therapy or threatened of a future attack on your own blog. YOu may not express your freedom of speech without being generally scolded and or insulted.
3)If you do proceed further, you will be accused of jealousing the blogger whose post you responded to. WHere the jealousy will come from, you will have no idea. But na so it be..

Well i am here to tell you bitches, that as long as i reside here in blogville. I will comment however i see fit, whenever i see fit. Anyone who is not mature enough to handle my opinions can go fuck themselves. Jealousy ke? Nawa for Naija girls sha. As for the idiot who threatened me, you must think i give a shit. If i had any atom of fear i would have posted my comments anonymously, but as it is, YOu may go and attack me however you wish at some fools in here, I am very much open to accepting opinions and ideas, which are not my own, and most importantly enough i am mature enough to deal with criticism, as long as it is constructive.

You'all have an excellent day
October 19, 2007 9:34 AM
Anonymous said...
Una good morning, let me break this down for people who think i am crazy for doing this.

I was doing my blog rounds and saw several comments on a big fight btw DMSS and CWB. Most of these blogs are blogs that CWB frequent. This was after DMSS and CWB had done their things and traded insults, no yawa. I read and moved on. This was on the 17th. Yesterday the 18th, i went on other blogs and saw the same comments still announcing the fight. I went to DMSS’s blog to see where she was coming from and saw that LEGION had brought the fight to her blog. To me, it was uncalled for. I saw another comment gloating about the fact that DMSS had been dealt with. I came back to this blog and it all made sense. If you look at the timeline, the same time the anon was announcing fights was the same timeline that the insults were taken to DMSS blog.
My thing is, fight fair. I do not think DMSS needs to be defended, but CWB has a lot of cronies who have blogs and the fight stopped being fair a long time ago when she assumed other personas. She has been rude to other people before and has tried to incite fights before. I do not hate this woman, but as a married woman, i see it as not fighting fair when you make it seem that being single is a thing to be ashamed of. We were all single at some point; we did not have kids at some point. I fought dirty and i went low, but there were a lot of places that I did not go with this, I told her, YOU STOP, I STOP.

Married Anon.
October 19, 2007 9:40 AM
Diary of a Mad Soul Sista said...
you broke summarized that pretty well. But it costs to be so honest. hope you're ready for their claws!

If this is what i'l be known for on blogville, let it be it. yes, i'm a single mad psychotic bitch. i am a goat and whatever else.
but i'll take their curses on blogville as a compliment. apparently to be despiced around here, is to be true.

again, Anon. comments will be ignored.

thanks yall, it was fun.
October 19, 2007 10:12 AM

It was a very busy day for me. It was my dads’ turn to host the rotary meeting for the year. We had so many guests and my cousin and I had to serve drinks, food, etc and attend to the guests. We had already done this and were chilling in the little living room. My fone came alive with the marvin gaye sexual healing (love dat song).He had a special tone assigned for him so I didn’t need to check. He was calling for the umpteenth time that day. When he called earlier, I was really rude to him cos I was stressed and everything. WTF did he want? J: hey babes where r u? Me: Where else do u expect me to be?? J: I’m in Warri Me: (trying to hide my shock) so?? J: I’m downstairs Me: u’re wat? There was so much static on the line so I cut of the fone and thought bout it for a while before decided to go downstairs. My cousin the aproko dat she is stopped me from leaving cos she wanted to hear the full gist. I then told her wat he said and she advised me to go and see him, which I did. (Of course dat was after I took a good look at my reflection in the mirror). Face, clothes, hair, cool!! I then dashed downstairs and went to see him. He then walked up to me and said a lot of bullshiznit(I’ve learnt a lot of new words from BBA2)! He was sorry!! Blah, Blah, Blah! I felt really bad. For how long was he going to plead? He then went on his knees to beg. Many guys might find this as an act of self-degradation or whatever but he did not seem to care. Sha sha we made up & kissed for a while (with my gateman spying on us I guess) lol He then asked if we could go somewhere and chill for a while. shwooo who am I to say no? I then dashed back upstairs to get my shoes and my bag and also to control my cousin on the present situation just incase my dad and his pple asked for anything or wanted food although they were not likely to… Sha sha I left the freaking house and we got into his car. We got talking. I asked him were we were going. He then told me.. I wasn’t up for any restaurant stuff cos I ha already eaten (owoh and starch. dat na y I like that rotary meeting.. lol). Anyways we finally agreed to go to his hotel room..*Clears throat* We got to the hotel room we got talking and talking got into kissing, and kissing turned it smooching and smooching turned into rushing…backed me up on the wall, smooched the living hell outta me, pushed me on the bed, smooched d living hell outta me also. Put his hand under my shirt, unhooked my bra and touched them (damn dat felt good).after a while we the violent rushing seized and we were both gasping for breath. We then decided to talk (hmm talk wetin? Our bodies had already done the talking) anyways we talked about bullshit for a while and it was getting l8 so I had to head back home. Getting home, u need to see panel when I face. my parents(my dad) wanted to know where I was coming from, who I was with, why I stayed out l8 and all that. My mum nor just bother cos she be coded woman (I tell her ALMOST everything). Definitely not all my episodes with J sha.. b4 she start to preach to me about AIDS when I never even start to do “the do”. Anyways after I came up with some silly excuse, I was set free. But my cousin did not let me be. She wanted to know every single detail(as for that aproko, I tell her everything). Anyways after dat I did a couple of things for a while, chatted with a couple of friends and my sister online b4 I retired to bed oh.. waiting for wat tomorrow had for me …
posted by unshined congo at 10:44 PM on Oct 11, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do you expect me?

...things mus really get wickid
when yiuh pay check get less than yuh speading tickit
...Mista, yuh ego big yuh might'a think we'ah dis yah
But everything not so cris sah
we jus a beg a likkl help, Prime minister!
Do you expect me
to turn the other cheek
taste ma tears and accept defeit
do you expect me
to listen when you speak
you never practice what you preach
do you expect me
to still come out and vote?
no matter what happens
we always broke
and the people
say they tired of being poor...


...maybe hoping for a change is a dream
maybe life aint as bad as it seems
but if deaming is the best i can do then i be dreamin my whole life thru...

...What A Day!...

...what a day when war becomes a thing of the past
and peace we will have it at last
and life is finally worth its cost and whoa whoa whoaaaa
what a day
and men finally live what they preach and love
ain just a concept to preach and
blood no longer runs on the streets and whoaa whoaa whoaaa

....tired of baby mamas and daddies
chillin in the spots where the parents should be
teenage baby mothers sayinh "leave ma babies alone"
in twenty years your kid could be robbing ma home...

Do you still care?

"I found you a liver only thing is it belongs to a nigga""do you care about the texture of his gear or the coco brown colour of his skin?" "do you still care? you're the one in the predicament now, do you still care?"

"tell me, why cant you accept me the way i am. just the way i am."

"do you still care what your friends might think that you're hanging out with a queer?"

"and thats the reason why Iraqi babies gonna cry and more palestinians reallys gonna die."


These Streets

Yuh know, I can still rememba when it was just mi and yuh
Suddenly, it turn yuh and yuh crew
Fi get everyting bout yuh boo

I wish yuh woulda treat mi like yuh glock
I woulda love it if yuh keep mi pon cock
I wish yuh woulda treat mi like a Yatch
Keep mi wet while de waves dem a rock
Why yuh cyann stay pon mi like di corna?
And keep yuh lips pon mi like yuh marijuana
I woulda love it if yuh treat mi like yuh club
Stay up inna mi whole night just a bump and grind and rub up

Yuh don't understand
What your woman needs from her man
While yuh deh pan de street all de time
Just bear dis in mind, bwoy

These streets don't love yuh like I do (Yuh need fi know dat)
Yuh wanna keep yuh woman lovin yuh (Then yuh need fi show dat)
The love wi ah fi tek so much effort fi build (Yuh about fi blow dat)
But just like a played out Jersey, yuh about fi get throwback

I wish yuh woulda treat mi like a house
Mi know yuh nah leggo dat when yuh bounce
yuh shoulda dey home a knock boots like yuh Tims
Need fi act older dan de size a yuh rims
I wish yuh woulda stay pon mi like yuh phone man
And neva leave di house widout mi like yuh chrome man
Bwoy, I wish yuh woulda treat mi like yuh whips
Yuh girls a perfect ten but yuh Benz dem a only a five and a six

Yuh don't understand
What your woman needs from her man
While yuh deh pan de street all de time
Just bear dis in mindddd

These streets don't love yuh like I do (Yuh need fi know dat)
Yuh wanna keep yuh woman lovin yuh (Then yuh need fi show dat)
The love wi have well it tek so much effort fi build (Yuh about fi blow dat)
But just like a played out Jersey, yuh about fi get throwback

Now de feds have dem case, weh you deh in the pound
Mi a look fi a familiar face, mi nuh see none around
When yuh call mi collect and gimme errands fi do
Mi nuh see no hot gyal, mi nuh see none a yuh crew
Government cease everyting, dat gees, everyting
And anoda ball a done tek ova di spot
A run trees everything, got keys, everyting
And 10 calls ah month is all yuh got saying

Now yuh understand
What I was tryin to seh to my man
While yuh didn't depan di grind
Yuh shoulda bear dis in mind

See di streets, dem nuh give a damn (Bang-geh-deh-leh-bang)
A just di place whe yo pay deh pan (Yuh need fi know dat)
You di love wid di corna
Yuh cyan see mi neva wanna (Den yuh need need fi show dat)

love this song so much

Tanya Steven's "its a pity"

It's a pity, you already have a wife
And mi done have a man inna mi life's
Rudebwoy it is a pity.
I say it is a pity
You already have yuh wife
And mi have a one man inna mi life
It is a pity.
I woulda like one a dese mornings to wake up and find
Your face on a pillow lying right next to mine
I woulda cut out de partying, the smoking and the rum
And buss a extra wine and mek we see de passion.
Well everytime mi fantasize, mi see your lips mi see your eyes
Yuh trigger finger do sometings dat lef the rude gyal hypnotize
For you its just a ting, just anodda little fling
But for mi this is heaven, and de angel dem a sing

So buck yuh up inna public and kian' even touch yuh
Freely fuck mi up because mi check fi yuh so much
De respec' whey mi have fi yuh woman, fi yuh kids
Believe mi rudebwoy, mi press nuh matey dis
Who knows maybe one day the world will be evolved enough
We'll share yuh inna civilized manner between the two of us
But until then, I woulda love see yu again
Mi know we haffi play it by the stupid rules of men.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Obiwon on "Oyinye"

what must a girl do to get a song written in her name?
does she have to break a man's heart first because i'm sure i've done that enough times to at least deserve ONE mothafuckin song!
or maybe its just the men i've been choosing...
i guess i have to find a man with a milky voice and poetic soul, make him fall totally madly deeply in love with me, and then leave him... preferably after an argument that'll hopefully lead to me getting out of his car and walking away.
but wait oh, i'd prefer it to be in MY car so that HE'll be the one to tek a walk... lawd knows divas dont trek! i've got a reputation to protect!
i'm well on my way to getting meself a song!
instead of "Oyinye", it'll go "MadSoulllllll"
i can hear it already!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lovin Kween

cause i no fit hold your handi oh
i no fit tie your leg
i no fit pluck your eyesi oh
e no mek sense abeg
if today i loose you
den no mek you for me
if i suppose to have you nobody fit tek you from me

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Happiness... if only you knew.
Frowning, wondering when the bills will be paid; Bitching cursing in his name; Angry fucking up dem lungs... bitch is you out your mind?
If you ain happy with a good dick owned by a great mind and a big ol' pride to boot, what de ass will you ever be happy with?
I done seen lots'a losers. Who cry really for nothing. And when you ask them what the issue is, they simply cant speak. They do not know what troubles them, but they know they shed tears.
How do i console you when i know you're just being an idiot.
Negro, dont you know they've got billions of ppl who couldnt feed themselves last night? Half of them couldnt lay next to their love unless they okay with packing a mat to take down a sea because out of poiverty, men women and kids who they once called family lay in tha bottom of the sea. that shit we call seas are full of graves... you dont know shit, yet you cry.
Down by those same seas fishers fish but shit they not even well enough to know that they fishing the same fishes who once had feasts off'a dead bodies or they simply dont give a fuck because serious-the-fuckin-ly, would you care if your child needed the dime to heal? and i say "dime" because relly thats all they'd make.
what you say, Negro? You dont have no car?
Oh i'm sorry. how de ass you gon get to work na?
no car, no work.
some people would never dream of a moving vehicle. All they wish for was one that dont ever have to move but to sit there so they'd at least have a roof.
you ignorant ninny! getcho ass up! wipe away dem damn tears you think i wanna hear you yowl?
My pomeranian sweats baby, but i'd never know when.Just cause shes got furs dont mean she dont sweat.
I've got issues too but this aint about issues...
this is about happiness. This is about content. This is about appreciating the better things in your life.
Happiness dont depend on your circumstances. But your outlook. So look tha fuck out dem goggles you got! You egocentric mooncalf, life aint all about you. Some ppl got it worse, and they still living! They ain thinkin bout killing themselves! and by the way; do you know what happens if you jumped a bridge?
you might be lucky enough to actually die from it. If you do, shit, ppl will mourn. Then, they'll get over you and go on with life like you never existed. Yes, another woman will fuck your dick and he'll love it, another man will screw your pussy and she'll groan him. Another man will father your child, another woman will mother your baby. You'll be gone and i hate to remind you this but life will still go on!
AND you might be unlucky enough to survive the fall but i know you wont survive it intact. You might end up being brain dead and living the rest of your life as a carrot- a celery- a mere vegetable, living off of life support but unable to communicate with your world. Is that what you want? Cuz if it is, then go right ahead, heck you'll help provide more jobs for nurses, doctors, neurologists and a few crime-scene investigators... and since you couldnt appreciate your life, they might be able to appreciate it for you. they'll get paid, you on the other hand,... well...
But happiness aint about fears! its about making the choice!
Did you get out of bed this morning? Did you take a blanket off your body? Did you see your partner, your child, did you pick the phone up? Did you see your walls still standing and were you able to pee when you got to the washroom? The laundry thats got to be done, will you have the water to do them? did you go to work?

and you, reading this, did you need a reader or translator?
we've got so much tobe happy for.
Happiness runs in a circular motion.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Birthday

to my brother.
You're 23 today.
Stay blessed.

Why do you write?

i dont think i can ever stop writing. its the only thing i have going for me. its the most effective therapy i've got. And the only part of me that never changes. It remains consistent. I write to remember. I write to empower myself. I write, because it reveals myself, to me even in times when i feel like i dont know who i am. I write, because i am.
I write to free the soul that lives within.
i write for my freedom...

and if ever i stop, pls wake me up. Because such slumber can kill.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Subjective reasoning for life!

I must say, i have been through quite a lot.
i mean; a lot!
but then i'm sure so has everyone.
we tread through sticky muds
lots of quicksands,over hills and have multiple stumbles to reach greener pastures.
but as we stumble, we find that hills arent hills, but merely stepping stones...

One flew over the cookoo's nest and apparently,
right over yours too.
somehow, you managed yet again to miss the breadcrumbs
and i dont have the luxury of time, patience, nor energy
to translate anything to you.

i'd say you're slow.
but this ain about intelligence.
this is about you, being you.
i mean,
it must have been real hard even for you, to manipulate twisted meanings out such simple lyrics.
somehow, you managed to exert that out of this???
you needed some wind under your wings did ya?
no qualms... i understand your need.
desperate for actuals, you some-funky-how, squeezed hopefuls out of breeze.
desperation is a bitch.

but honestly, i am glad.
if this is what'll evoke thoughts that'll motivate change,
let it be that...
because i know how much that is needed.

every movie needs a hero
but ain no hero without a villain
its your story,
you may be the hero.
again, i understand.

almost like a necessity,
you need a stepping stone.
sure! let ma words be it.
pluck littile memory leaves to remind you of just how deeply you were touched.

if it'll influence positive changes,
see what you see, as you see it
because i doubt i care what you think of me
you may however
marinate your mind in your ignorance
assimilate every ounce of it
reflect till you're motivated!
if it helps, hey!
again, i understand
that life ain worth none,without objective forces
and overcoming those, is what we live for.
you need a reason to go on.

i know ignorance is bliss...
but it gives faux visions.
just all illusions.
when will you ever be true to yourself?

if you cant see it now,
Denial, will you ever?

you once motivated me.
i'm glad to return the favor.
you're welcome.
sure, you may thank me later.

(OH MA GOD! i think this is my first "praya for a heiffer post" that i wouldnt swear in! i'm soooooo gettin better! yayyyyy)