Monday, July 14, 2008

Dont believe a word she sings

Dont let she lie to you
It aint always so good
but i know i couldnt have known better
because i simply, did not know better

Just as she wasnt yours
dont mean your very best friend would be the one
she cant save you, and neither can you, her
And i know i couldnt have known better
same way you cant possibly know better

Divine thinks its time
and you'd think its yours to hold
listening to her serenade you to dream
but her words aint yours
and her stories aint for you
Like Erykah's wasnt mine
and a microphone isnt like he was
yet i claimed he was it
the "love of my life"
shortsighted at 22, how much farther can you really see ?
got pumped, grooved and jammed to "our" song
held faith like it was visible
drank love so hard till i could see it
and he, believed...
but faith dont make real, real does.

So though her voice is groovy and i cant help but jam to the song
I wonder who else is getting fooled at 22

she aint talking about you
it aint always so easy
I am sorry but songs just simply, dont make love.

And i can tell you for sure
that at 25, still the same life just 3 years down that road,
I am still looking for that "love of my life".
And still trying to get him to see
that bestfriends dont always make the best love
and that there is no worse way to keep enslaved
than to surrender all, to let history dictate your current days.