Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I was here"... Madsoul, signing out.

It is no coincidence that the wall paper is navy... blue.
No coincidence that these posts reek of anger.
No coincidence that I exclaim excessively.
And it sure is no coincidence, that I am named, Mad.
Though my Soul remained, I was Mad, nonetheless.

This space, was created for that sole purpose; to express my madness. In some ways, it may be seen as a space for expression. I know better now, that it was created, to ask for some sort of assistance. Who from? Certainly not from readers. (Was it?) Where then, from? From within? Was I asking to be saved from myself, by myself?
Who knows?

But of course, hindsight is always 40/20. Hence why now, I know that this space was no coincidence. It was created, by the depressed person that I was, who had no idea what it meant to be "taken over". This person that I was, had no idea what it meant to be sad. This person, that I was... had just begun a journey into a different depth of understanding.

Ahhhh. Now I know.

...and with the riddle solved, and the orange eaten, I simply feel no need for the peel.

The circle is now complete. I have regained control over myself, and my mind.

For all the people I have met through this avenue be it directly or indirectly, bless you all.

Please remember:
Keep control of your mind. Without the mind, the body, is but an empty vessel. Exercise your mind. Just as you would not eat feces, do not let dirty thoughts, cross your mind. Love yourself. If it isnt easy, FORCE it. Let negative people out of your life (I've learnt from experience. Learn from mine.)... and find someone to trust, to speak your troubles to. Lastly, KNOW that when the light is dim and the windows are shut, regardless how often you've sinned, there is always your God waiting to listen, and forgive.

Goodnight, and goodbye.

My story with PB... concluded.

The story started here:

So, it'd been over 3 years since we spoke but in January, we resumed our friendship or whatever is left of it anyway.

I wont get into the details, but from this experience, I have learnt that

1. where there is smoke, there is fire
2. Ountogaju, aawaa dero (whatever goes up, must come down)
3. There are no secrets in this world, neither are there mysteries. Just stories, waiting to be told.
4. A friend is only a friend for as long as she is friendly. Take it as that. Leave it, if that ship refuses to sail on good intentions.
5. Keep your enemies close, and your friends even closer.
6. Even friends, have flaws and that is okay. We are all humans. BUT Know what your friends flaws are!!! ..., before you get disappointed.
7. Assess both ends of an argument and never conclude, till you've heard each parties' stories.
8. Forgive! Forgive!! Forgive!!! (Really, it is not up to you to forgive. You simply must forgive, to survive the whole ordeal)
9. Let go, and let God.
10. It is well.